Chris Fick

Dear American Citizens,

My name is Chris Fick I have traveled around the US and enjoy meeting new people and exploring new environments. I also enjoy surfing the web, working on my cars, house, other handyman projects, chatting online, shopping, and creating art.

My philosophy in life is simple: don't lie, don't steal, and don't cause suffering to others. However, our government does all these things everyday to American citizens and people throughout the world and it's disgusting.

Concentrated wealth and money in politics has turned all our government leaders into beggars, liars, and murderous thieving criminal thugs. In other words, the new "Robber Barons" own everything, including our elected leaders, and they all sit around all day trying to think of ways to cheat you and manipulate you.

The wars in Vietnam, Iraqi, and the terrorist acts against innocent people in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Egypt, and Palestine were funded with your tax dollars. Israel is using American tax dollars to steal land and displace, and sometimes murder it's rightful owners. Can you even begin to comprehend the horror and physical suffering these people have caused to other humans?

These new Robber Barons, and their criminal co-conspirators in Congress, will continue to rob and manipulate you, and will keep committing unconscionable suffering unless we stop them.

My solutions to get us started back on the path of limited self-government include:

1. Boycott of all professional sports.

2. Boycott all products made in Israel.

3. Protest against our corrupt government leaders, their criminal actions, and the corporations that fund their campaigns every chance you get.

We outnumber these horrible leaders a million to one and we can take back our country if we try. 


Chris Fick
Frisco, Texas